Weightloss and stuff

Weightloss and stuff

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Weightloss and charity

WeightlossPosted by Thomaseron Wed, October 16, 2013 09:19:54
So today, I was thinking of finally going back to the gym. I really need to get going again. My goal, if possible, is to reach 120Kg by christmas, down from ca 139kg. I know, 19 kilos is not that easy in two months, but I will try. So what if I don't reach my goal. At least I will have lost weight, and that's the point of all this.

On another note, I'm trying to get more subscribers on my youtube channel. So one way I'm trying to use is that for every subscriber I have on Christmas eve, I will donate money to charity. Depending on the amount of subscribers I might gain, I will
donate a different amount. The more subscribers, the less money per person. Why? Because I'm not made of money. :-\

Anyway, check out my vlog here: http://youtube.com/tosseboll
and my primary channel here: http://youtube.com/thomaseron

Thank you! :-)

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